Sunday, June 13, 2010

A few more classes - June and July

For those of you who are still in Cairo - we are happy to announce that we are adding a few more classes back into the June schedule and offering a number of classes in July.

The 5 - 6 PM Hatha classes on Sunday and Tuesday are back! Classes will be led by Jill Bodley Visit the Blog to find out more about Jill and the style of Hatha that she will be offering.

July Classes:
Sunday 8PM - Vinyasa with Sue
Tuesday 6:30 PM - Vinyasa with Jill
Friday 5 PM - Hatha with Yara
Saturday 10AM Hatha with Jill

If you are around and would like to request additional classes, speak to the instructors or leave a message on the Hotline. We are happy to accommodate you as much as we can.

Have a safe and happy summer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Message from Jessica - A Friend of the Breathing Room

As the year draws to an end and I begin to look back over all that we have accomplished over the year, I am filled with a warm delight when I think of all of the people that have come through the doors and shared their practice of yoga within our humble walls. What an amazing year this has been.

To all of the Guest Instructors that have made their way to The Breathing Room to lead workshops - I offer a heart-felt thanks.

Bobbi Misiti - Astanga
David and Sharon - Jivamukti
Jorge and Carolina - Kids Yoga
Mary and Jenna - Partner Yoga
Jane Sleven - Astanga
Jorge Verlenden - Yoga Kids Haiti Relief

It has been an honor to take classes from so many loving and talented yoga instructors. I would like to take a moment to honor the teachers who have been leading us in our yoga practices this year.

Mary Nobel - Vinyasa Flow
Lesley Scotney - Hatha
Jenna Wray Dworken - Astanga
Barbara Price - Power Yoga

These are the teachers that opened The Breathing Room in August 2008. We wish Mary and Lesley best of luck as they take on new adventures outside of Egypt, and are so delighted that Jenna and Barbara will continue to be the roots of our living tree. (That was especially for Barbara's profound love of yoga metaphors)

This has been a remarkable year for growth. We have been able to add more class times and offer more styles of yoga; this we owe to the many new teachers who have joined us as Friends of The Breathing Room.

Yara Raafat - Hatha
Yulia Wind - Vinyasa
Sue McDonough - Vinyasa
Lulwa Bordcosh - Strength and Flexibility
Dev Hueske - Kundalini

Although Yulia has moved on, her time with us was so valuable. She really made her mark in such a short time. For the rest, I'm delighted that everyone will return after the summer to pick up where we left off, each making their own unique mark on our daily yoga practices.

And I couldn't end without giving some special recognition to all of you - the practitioners at The Breathing Room. For your dedication, participation and ongoing acceptance of how things work, (and sometimes don't work) at the studio. We appreciate the loving kindness and patience that you brought with you, and hope that you feel just as much a part of the studio as those of us moving papers around and writing things on websites.

My life has been made richer by knowing you all. Have a safe and blessed summer. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in the Fall.

Jessica Moos


Note following
There will be a handful of classes offered during July and August. Check the website to find our the specific classes and times being offered.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A yoga article by our Ashtanga instructor is published in 'Rhythm of the Home!'

Jenna Wray Dworkin, our Ashtanga instructor here at The Breathing Room has written an article about developing a home yoga practice! You can read the article here...