New Studio and Open House

Mark your calendars!

The much talked about event has finally arrived. This weekend The Breathing Room in Cairo is changing spaces. Please come and join us during the Open House on Saturday, January 15th. Enjoy talks with the instructors, free lessons, and question and answer sessions over tea and snacks. It's the perfect opportunity to find your way to the studio before we begin our full schedule of classes in the new space. The studio will be open from 8AM - 6PM, drop by any time. Listed below is the full schedule for the day.

Session 1
8-9 am Morning Welcome
9-10 Yoga with Jorge (Come find out more about Hatha Yoga)
10-11 Tea and Talk
Session 2
11-12 Early Afternoon Welcome
12-1 Yoga with Barbara (Come find out more about Power Yoga)
1-2 Tea and Talk
Session 3
2-3 Mid Afternoon Welcome
3-4 Yoga with Lulwa (Come and find out more about Strength and Flexibility)
4-5 Tea and Talk
Session 4
5-6 Evening Welcome
6-7 Yoga with Sue (Come and find out more about Vinyasa)
7-8 Tea and Talk

The new address for the breathing room is: #10 rd 216. We are on the ground floor, in the back of the building. We are neighbors to Daniel Hechter .

Here are a few pictures of the new space. More pictures, of better quality will be coming soon. Click on these to view larger versions. :
From Nov 23, 2010
The Front Gate

From Nov 23, 2010
A closer view of the front of the building

From Nov 23, 2010
The front door

From Nov 23, 2010
The practice space

Here is the location in Google Maps:

View New breathing Room Location in a larger map