Sunday, February 27, 2011

March Schedule

Thanks to everyone who has been around keeping The Breathing Room a vibrant and joyful place to be. We have managed to get by on a week-by-week schedule, but are now pleased to announce the full schedule for March. Just click the link to the right labeled "weekly schedule". As we start to have more people return we will re-introduce the 8PM classes. Let us know if you are around and interested and we can even add those in this month. As it is, we have introduced the Yin Yoga class at 4PM on Saturday.

Looking forward to a blessed and peaceful month.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Schedule for Feb 20- Feb 26

As things start to slowly return to "normal" - the schedule at The Breathing Room is following suit. We are still exploring the schedule that will best meet everyone's needs. You will notice that this week we are keeping the 10AM classes, but only on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. We trading out the 1PM classes for a 6:30 class. Based on your feedback via attendance and personal feedback (the facebook page remains and excellent way to send messages) we will plan our class schedule for the following week(s). To confirm classes on a daily basis, call the hotline,(017 852 9798). We're so pleased to see the tensions in the area lessoning, and send our continued prayer for a peaceful solution to Egypt's call for change.

Sunday:Feb 20
10AM - Lulwa
5PM - Carolina
6:30 - Astanga with Sue

Monday: Feb 21
5PM - Jill
6:30 - Lulwa

Tuesday: Feb 22
10AM - Lulwa
5PM - Jill
6:30 - Astanga with Sue

Wednesday: Feb 23
5PM - Jill
6:30 - Vinyasa with Jessica

Thursday: Feb 24
10AM - Lulwa

Friday: Feb 25
5PM Yara

Saturday: Feb 26
10AM - Jill

Friday, February 11, 2011

Schedule for Feb 13-20

The Breathing Room is going to resume classes next week, but on a
slightly reduced schedule. Until the curfew situation is resolved we
won't schedule any classes after 6 pm. We are going to send out our
schedule on a weekly basis until things settle down. Jessica will
update the hotline (017 852 9798) with any changes, so its a good
idea to check that number if you're not sure.

For now, the schedule is:

Feb 20 - Sunday:
10AM - Lulwa
1PM - Lulwa
5PM - Carolina

Monday: 10AM - Lulwa
1PM - Jill
5PM - Sue

Tuesday: 10AM - Lulwa
1PM - Jill
5PM - Carolina

Wednesday: 10AM - Lulwa
1PM - Jill
5PM - Sue

Thursday: 10AM - Lulwa

Friday: 4PM Yara

Saturday: 10AM Carolina

Weekend Schedule

With the current events as they are, we are still deciding the schedule depending on the situation. Today (Friday), if you are in Maadi, please join us for a 4 pm Vinyasa class led by Jessica. Tomorrow (Saturday) we will have a ten AM class. We hope everyone manages to stay safe.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Class Schedule and Fees for Feb.6-10

Starting Sunday, February 6th and continuing through February 10th, we will offer two Karma Yoga classes daily.
Classes will be at 1PM and 4PM
What is Karma Yoga?
Essentially, it's a philosophy rather than a style of practice. In a Karma Yoga class people gather together to give and receive freely.

The Breathing Room gives the space, ie. no profits are used for maintenance and upkeep. The Breathing room receives the warmth of the community that gathers within its walls.

The teachers give their time and knowledge ie. they are not paid for teaching the class. The teachers receive the karmic rewards of giving and sharing the practice of yoga.

The students give donations for charity (freely and without obligation). In this case we are using these donations for medical relief (medicine and supplies) in Cairo. The students receive the yoga practice, an hour of guided peace, a space to allow yourself to breathe.

The Breathing Room usually offers one Karma Class a month, but we thought that we could extend the giving to help promote peace in a this time of conflict.

Notes on donations: Between accessing funds, questionable employment, and other extenuating circumstances, we understand that money is an issue for many. Don't feel pressure to make a donation if that is not the right choice for you. We would much rather have you in class with a free mind and open heart. If you would like to use your class pass to make a donation, just make a note on the sign in sheet and we will transfer the funds accordingly.

We hope that we will be able to return to a full schedule of classes starting on Friday, February 11th. We'll be keeping you posted on events as they unfold.

Wishing everyone peace, peace and more peace. Nameste

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coming Together

Sometimes, just taking an hour to breathe and move your body is all it takes to bring peace and perspective. We are going to continue offering 1PM yoga classes for all those interested. The teachers are volunteering their time, so there is no financial strings tied to coming.

We will be accepting donations and all proceeds will go to the purchase of medical supplies.

Sending more love - Jessica and the Friends of The Breathing Room

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yoga for Peace

May you be filled with loving kindness, may you be peaceful and at ease, may you be happy, may you be well.

Between evening classes being made untenable by early curfews - and not being able to communicate classes at any other time - we have missed a much needed yoga practice.

I just wanted to let everyone know that teachers have been calling to say that we should start offering classes immediately. Meet us at 1PM, on Feb 3 for our first Yoga for Peace class- and as we organize our efforts we will give you more updates. Sending much needed love.