Saturday, October 31, 2009

General Announcements from The Breathing Room

We are pleased to welcome our newest yogina to Cairo - Here is Ramona having, what Jenna titled, "a little morning stretch". I however, am quite confident that she is channeling an Om. We are looking forward to having Jenna back with us in the new year and promise that we will do our best to keep our Ashtanga practice flowing while she's away.

And speaking of Ashtanga... kindly draw your attention to Monday's at 5:00. This time slot is designed for Ashtanga practitioners of all levels. Many have voiced an interest in a beginners Ashtanga class - and so this class will take you through the full opening and closing sequences, introducing the standing and seated poses slowly. There will be a emphasis on the form, focus and intention of each posture and will culminate in the introduction of all of the postures in first series.

For the advanced practitioners, you are invited to join us in the space, turn towards your breath and take the series at your own pace. Mysore is the name of the place in India where Ashtanga was founded. The truest form of Ashtanga is when it is practiced at your own breath/pace. If you are interested in more Mysore sessions, please text message Jessica at 010 629 2684.

And finally - WELCOME BACK BARBARA - You were only gone for less than a month, but you were missed. We're happy to have you home.

We hope that your November is filled with Peace, Health and Happiness,
Love and Light - Us at the Breathing Room

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