Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Newsletter

Ramadan Karim Yogis and Yoginis!

August has arrived, and with it a few more of our summer travelers. We’ve started adding classes, meeting new teachers, and planning workshops. As the new school year approaches, we have a lot to look forward to.

We spent some time trying to determine what classes would best accommodate the lifestyle surrounding Ramadan and here’s what we’ve come up with.

AM Classes (10 AM on Sunday and Tuesday) (9 AM on Thursday)
5 PM Restorative Yoga (Perfect for those fasting)
8 PM (Because sometimes later is better)

Other things stay the same. Our 6:30 classes Monday – Wednesday are still going strong, offering more physically challenging yoga classes such as Astanga and Power Yoga. So if you are looking to build strength, or deepen your mind–body experience, these classes might be what you are looking for.

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “what yoga class is good for a beginner?” Every body is different and so talking to a teacher is the best way to find out what is perfect for you. (See Open House details that follow) But to help get the ball rolling we have designed a Beginners’ Series, which takes place Saturdays at 10 AM. Each week a different style of yoga is offered at the beginners’ level. These one-hour classes will introduce the postures and guide you through your practice with detailed instructions and demonstrations. (NOTE: The 5 PM classes during the month of August are also highly suitable for beginning practitioners.)

August Workshop
Yoga Nidra
Date: Saturday, August 20, 2011
Time: 12 noon – 1 PM
Fee: 100 LE

This guided meditation is the one of the most relaxing forms of yoga. Spend the hour taking a tour of your body though your mind to find a deep, peacefulness. Many will choose to come to the 10AM Beginner’s Astanga class and stay for the Yoga Nidra.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Breathing Room Open House
Date: September 17, 2011
Session Time: 8 AM – 8 PM (details of the sessions will be put on Facebook and the website soon)
Fee: None

Enjoy a full day of complementary yoga classes and join us for a reception from 6 – 8. This is the perfect opportunity to:
• Find the studio,
• Meet and talk with all of the teachers,
• Get the answers to all of the yoga questions that you have been saving up,
• Sample the different styles of yoga to find out which one is right for you.
At the Open House you can receive a Three Class Sample Pass valid from August 18th – October 31st.
Our goal for the Open House is to bring the knowledge of yoga to as many people as possible. It is our dearest hope that you will find classes that fit your schedule and a style of yoga that fits your lifestyle.

Astanga Yoga Weekend with Bobbi Mitisi
Date: October 6, 7, 8, 2011
This will be Bobbi’s third visit to The Breathing Room. Each year she provides us with something new. This year, in addition to the 1st series and 2nd series workshop, she will provide a special “yoga off the mat” session, that talks about what it means to “living a yogic lifestyle”. This session will have an introduction to Ayuveda with a special focus on Ayuvedic cooking. Space is limited, so pre-registration is required. Priority registration goes to those registering for the full weekend, but it is possible to sign up for individual workshops if space is available.

We hope that this newsletter find you all happy and well. We’re looking forward to the new -year with joy and anticipation.
Nameste – The Friends of The Breathing Room

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