Monday, December 5, 2011

Workshop: Backbends and Inversions

This class will turn your world upside down. To effectively invert the body we must create a strong foundation from which to grow. If we want to go up we must first learn to go down. This can be achieved by exploring the opposing forces at play in inversions. Back-bends can truly be defined as front openings. Rather than collapsing in the back we learn to expand the front and open the heart to discover more depth with greater ease in our back bending. We will make things fun and do a lot of partner and group work. This workshop is ideal for astanga practitioners, but anyone who wants to incorporate more backward bending into their yoga practice is welcome.

With: Jenna and Jessica

Time: 1-3:30

Date: Friday, December 9th

Cost: 150 LE

To reserve a space, please pay full amount in the Breathing Room.

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