Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Karma Classes at The Breathing Room

Karma Yoga

“The Discipline of Selfless Action”
Do not think a small virtue will not return in your future lives.
Just as falling drops of water will fill a large container,
The little virtues that steadfast accumulate will completely overwhelm you.
The Buhdda
Karma yoga is a practice where the desire to serve the divine in everything, be it man, animal, plant or an inanimate object, replaces the desires of the ego. The word karma is derived from the Sanskrit kri, meaning 'to do'. “Karma” simply means action.  “Yoga” translates to union. Thus “Karma Yoga” literally translates to “the path of union through action.”  Through the selfless action of karma yoga one begins to lose the ego that controls him and feel a union with humanity.
Every month the Breathing Room will hold several karma classes.  These will be donation based classes and the proceeds will go to that month’s adopted charity. In addition, the Breathing Room will match any funds raised from Karma classes

Karma Classes at The Breathing Room
May 1st, 5 pm: Meditation - Dominika
May 4th, 5 pm: Vinyasa - Jessica
May 7th, 8 pm : Vinyasa - Sue
May 15th , 5 pm: Meditation -  Lulwa

All proceeds gathered from the May Karma classes will be donated to “Help Fatma Walk.”  

The story of Fatma:
Fatma is 20 years old and lost the use of her legs after a fall from  the fourth floor of her building.  Before she can have the operation to restore her mobility, she will undergo bone marrow injections to strengthen her bones for the process of rehabilitation.
The Breathing Room is dedicating the contributions given through this months Karma classes to help her afford this procedures.  It is our deepest hope that through our own practice of yoga, we can help bring strength and well-being into the life of this young woman.

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