Friday, February 11, 2011

Schedule for Feb 13-20

The Breathing Room is going to resume classes next week, but on a
slightly reduced schedule. Until the curfew situation is resolved we
won't schedule any classes after 6 pm. We are going to send out our
schedule on a weekly basis until things settle down. Jessica will
update the hotline (017 852 9798) with any changes, so its a good
idea to check that number if you're not sure.

For now, the schedule is:

Feb 20 - Sunday:
10AM - Lulwa
1PM - Lulwa
5PM - Carolina

Monday: 10AM - Lulwa
1PM - Jill
5PM - Sue

Tuesday: 10AM - Lulwa
1PM - Jill
5PM - Carolina

Wednesday: 10AM - Lulwa
1PM - Jill
5PM - Sue

Thursday: 10AM - Lulwa

Friday: 4PM Yara

Saturday: 10AM Carolina

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