Sunday, February 6, 2011

Class Schedule and Fees for Feb.6-10

Starting Sunday, February 6th and continuing through February 10th, we will offer two Karma Yoga classes daily.
Classes will be at 1PM and 4PM
What is Karma Yoga?
Essentially, it's a philosophy rather than a style of practice. In a Karma Yoga class people gather together to give and receive freely.

The Breathing Room gives the space, ie. no profits are used for maintenance and upkeep. The Breathing room receives the warmth of the community that gathers within its walls.

The teachers give their time and knowledge ie. they are not paid for teaching the class. The teachers receive the karmic rewards of giving and sharing the practice of yoga.

The students give donations for charity (freely and without obligation). In this case we are using these donations for medical relief (medicine and supplies) in Cairo. The students receive the yoga practice, an hour of guided peace, a space to allow yourself to breathe.

The Breathing Room usually offers one Karma Class a month, but we thought that we could extend the giving to help promote peace in a this time of conflict.

Notes on donations: Between accessing funds, questionable employment, and other extenuating circumstances, we understand that money is an issue for many. Don't feel pressure to make a donation if that is not the right choice for you. We would much rather have you in class with a free mind and open heart. If you would like to use your class pass to make a donation, just make a note on the sign in sheet and we will transfer the funds accordingly.

We hope that we will be able to return to a full schedule of classes starting on Friday, February 11th. We'll be keeping you posted on events as they unfold.

Wishing everyone peace, peace and more peace. Nameste

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